Leisure Time

The openings in that pagoda in Bagan created a great lighting for this shot. Thanks, AP Soe for the great setup in this wonderful location! Note that this pic makes a great background picture for a mobile phone

Mandalay Sunrise

Beautiful sunrise in Mandalay, with the famous U-Bein bridge on the right hand side (and my fellow photographers on the left hand side). The boats are used in the evening for a romantic ride (or a nice photo shoot, if you're a geek like me) at sunset, when you can see nice silhouettes crossing the ...


A Happy Novice Monk

I shot this portrait of this smiling novice monk in Mandalay while the light was very harsh. The polarising filter I was using however did a good job in removing all the unwanted overexposed areas and I ended up with a very nice lighting on the face.

Back from Myanmar

I have just returned from an exhilarating 2-week photo tour in Myanmar in the company of Aung Pyae Soe, a talented young photographer and generous person, and a fantastic group of people whom I'm proud to have befriended. Myanmar must have some of the nicest people I've seen, beautiful too, such as this girl from ...


Small Break

To all my followers, I won't be able to post for the next 2 weeks but it's for the greater good, as I'll be joining a photo tour in Myanmar and hope to be back with tons of pictures to feed this blog again! In the meantime, this blog will be taking a little break!