The Spectre of Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon is most famous for its light beams coming into the canyon. They are particularly visible when particles such as dust or sand is floating in the air and are great photo opportunities. It's maybe now even more famous after a press release announcing that a photograph taken by Peter Lik allegedly sold ...


One Moment, An Eternity

This is one of the photos we took for Candice and Kok-Siong in Hong Kong back in October last year (when it wasn't freezing cold in HK yet!) Candice and KS will get married in March and had to postpone their pre-wedding photo session because of the haze in Singapore. Instead, we went out for ...


Mountain on Fire

Sentinel Bridge is another location in Yosemite National Park made famous by Ansel Adams. It's a great place to enjoy a beautiful view of Half Dome reflecting in the Merced river, especially at sunset when the iconic mountain is glowing under the warm evening light.

Balanced Rock

The improbable position of Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, sitting there on top of a pile of rocks makes this place one of the main attractions of the park. Located not too far from the entrance, it's the perfect introduction to this incredible National Park, which hosts many more wonders.

The Urge to Fly

Tunnel View is another iconic view of Yosemite National Park, made famous by Ansel Adams. The place is reachable when approaching the national park via Wawona Tunnel. From there, you have an incredible view of Yosemite Valley, featuring El Capitan on the left, Half Dome in the back and Bridalveil Fall on the right (unfortunately ...


Machines from Another Time

When in Death Valley National Park, my biggest fear was to run out of gas, which almost happened as I had underestimated the small size of the tank. Fortunately, the gas station at the exit of the park came as a real salvation. Not only that, it has a few antique machines displayed outside, helping ...


Face Off with El Capitan

When you drive into Yosemite Valley and come out of the woods, the trees open up to the giant of granite facing you. This is one of the most impressive views of the famous national park or at least the most humbling experience in my opinion. It's hard to show how imposing the 900m-tall rock ...


A Glimpse of Beauty

I was impressed by this elegant and powerful room in Kyoto. That half-opened sliding door creates a gap just wide enough to let you enjoy a subtle splash of autumn colours while enticing your hunger for more. It leaves you torn between the desire to see what else is behind those doors and the knowledge ...