Sunrise in Bali

Sunrise in Bali

It's been a while since I updated my blog. Facebook, Instagram and other social media make it so easy to share that I had neglected my own website,...
Sunrise at a black sand beach

A Morning In Iceland

It's getting cold in Hong Kong (well relatively)! Do you recognise this place (hint: not in Hong Kong)? Time to review my Iceland library and to dig out...
First sunrise of 2017 from Dragon's Back, Hong Kong

Sailing to the Sun

This was taken at the same spot as the photo I posted earlier this week, only minutes later, proving again that you should not pack your camera gear...
Defiance in Hong Kong


First sunrise of 2017 from Dragon's Back

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017! Thanks to the 2000+ persons who are following me on Facebook and the 400+ on Instagram. Keeping up the pace...
Shosenkyo in Autumn

Shosenkyo Valley

Traveling in the tramway

The Globe Trotters

Autumn in Shosenkyo

A Splash of Red

The sun comes in between buildings in Wanchai

Asphalt Valley At Dawn

When I said I was drawn to B&W images last week, it didn't take me too long to take the plunge as I recently acquired a Leica M...
Kiyomizudera at night

Kyoto by Night

Kiyomizudera is equally stunning at night when the light-up show is on. The staff in charge of the lighting did an amazing job to make the autumn colours...
Peaceful Japanese temple in autumn

Sometimes Less Is More

I am particularly drawn to black and white images lately. It's curious how removing colour information can actually bring so much depth in a photo. In this particular...
A dandy jaywalking in the middle of HK's urban jungle

The Urban Dandy