Taj Mahal, Behind The Scene

On the other side of the Yamuna river, behind the iconic Taj Mahal with its beautiful white marble and semi-precious stones, one can find scenes which are more representative of the actual life in India, where the average income is one of the lowest among all emerging countries and littering is still a massive problem.

Dreamy Jal Mahal

It was cloudy that morning but hey, you've got to do with what you have! I couldn't catch a nice sunrise so instead I used a 10-stop ND filter to catch some drama with the clouds. I just wish there was a little more wind on that day too!

Chandni Chowk

I love the old districts of Delhi, especially Chandni Chowk, where shops look like they haven't changed for the past 50 years or more (and it's most likely the case)! Look at the chairs in this shop, I'm wondering how heavy they are!

Holi Festival in Vrindavan

Scenes of Holi celebration in the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan, near Mathura. The Holi festival, also known as the Festival of Colours (and it's easy to understand why), is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It marks the end of the Winter and the start of Spring but also stands for the ...


Classic Taj Mahal

I'm just back from my trip to India, originally a business trip but I took the opportunity to make my first visit really worthwhile and took a few days off to go around the northern part (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur). I was very pleasantly surprised by how warm people are (I even made a few friends ...


Incredible Sunset at Launceston

While I was busy taking pictures of the sunset in Launceston, trying to shoot into the sun, I almost missed what was going on in my back. Seeing that amazing sky when I turned around, I rushed to another location to take a picture without cars in front of me. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough ...