An abandoned railway in the Taipingshan park in Taiwan got overgrown by the beautiful nature of the mountain. A typhoon was getting close to Taiwan on that day but I didn't back down and I'm happy I went ahead anyway. I think the mist adds to the mystery of the place. Please expand the photo ...


White Pocket’s Magical Mirror

Like in a fairy tale, this mirror pool suddenly appeared out of nowhere, thanks to the brief thunderstorm that had me worried the photo session would be spoilt. Instead, it made the place look even more beautiful with glowing rocks and impromptu ponds reflecting the beautiful scenery.

The Final Judgment

Caught by the sublime light just before leaving the Lower Antelope Canyon, I must confess I had an awesome time in there! I had been dreaming about going there for over a decade and it was even better than I expected!

Sunset at Qutab Minar

For my first day in India, I had a busy schedule visiting as many sites as I could in Delhi, knowing I'd be leaving the same evening for Agra to visit the Taj Mahal the following day. To end this quick tour in Delhi, I decided to visit Qutab Minar, a beautiful minaret from the ...


Fins Before Arches

Fins are impressive formations that you can easily find in Arches National Park. As a matter of fact, fins are the stage preceding the formation of an arch, after rainwater dissolves the sandstone, widening cracks. A beautiful collection of fins can be found on the Double-O Arch hike at the end of the hike. Check ...


Dreams of the Perfect Wedding

Congratulations to Pian and Clarencio for the beautiful wedding last Saturday! This shot was from the preparation phase, while Pian was getting her make up done, I framed the shot with the gorgeous qua, the traditional Chinese 2-piece wedding gown with beautiful embroidery of dragons and phoenixes in golden and red threads. More pictures of ...


Hiking The Narrows

Zion National Park has to be one of my favorite places among all the ones I packed in my busy schedule last July. It's not only a gorgeous place for photos and I really regret not having been able to slow down to enjoy it more or take photos, it's also one of the most ...


The River of Life

Dead Horse Point State Park gives you a nice vantage point on the Colorado river, allowing you to witness the river flow in the middle of major deserts, carving the land for millions of years to make the beautiful canyons of Utah and Arizona.

Stand and Rise

Sunset is more popular than sunrise for Delicate Arch, not only because it's easier to wake up at 5pm than 5am but also because the sunlight would lighten up the arch directly and not be blocked by the surrounding rocks on the other side. Having had a cloudy sunset the night before, I decided to ...