Mono Lake Sunrise

The limestone formations sticking out above the water give Mono Lake this funny alien look which attracts lots of photographers to this place just next to Yosemite National Park in California. The so-called tufa towers were formed underwater but the lake's level dropped in 1941, as water was diverted to support the growing demand from ...


Double O Arch

As a follow up of a previous post, this is the beautiful view of the Double O Arch in the Arches National Park, after you go through the lower opening. The view there is really the grand finale of a very fun hike and you will enjoy sitting in the shade to admire the elegant ...


Horseshoe Bend

The point where the Colorado river bends in a spectacular manner is another famous location not to be missed if you're not scared of heights. In order to get a good shot, you will have to get pretty close to the hair-raising cliff, with you and your tripod standing just a few centimetres away from ...


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This is one of the shots that got me up at 3:30am and to drive for almost an hour to capture the sunrise but I'm happy I did. The world-famous view at Mesa Arch at sunrise does not disappoint: when the light beams start hitting the sandstone from below, the colour the arch turns into ...


Colourful Melody

When balloons fly off over the pagodas of Old Bagan, they line up in a way that makes them look like a music score to perfectly moving at the pace of the sunrise.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Storm

Bad weather conditions can sometimes produce the most dramatic photos. This was taken in Auckland at sunrise, while I was witnessing the clouds unfold and wrap the sky with its dark layer, as if the night was falling again.

The Multiple Faces Of A Sunrise

I'm posting not one but three pictures today to illustrate how different a sunrise can look depending on the time of the day you get on location. So just don't think it's fine to arrive at the time of the sunrise, else you may be missing beautiful crepuscular rays or that magic moment when the ...


With Respect For The Founding Fathers

Happy anniversary to all my Singaporean friends, as the nation celebrates its 50 years as an independent nation this year! Beyond the aesthetics of the scene, this picture has a special historical meaning as the port on the right hand side known as Boat Quay used to welcome ships for trading of goods, while the ...