Incredible Sunset at Launceston

While I was busy taking pictures of the sunset in Launceston, trying to shoot into the sun, I almost missed what was going on in my back. Seeing that amazing sky when I turned around, I rushed to another location to take a picture without cars in front of me. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough ...


Cloudy Sunrise

Cloudy days don't give quite the same beautiful colours as bright clear skies but the clouds themselves do compensate a little for the drama. This was taken in Freycinet, looking at the Hazards mountains.

Lady Barron Falls

Just about an hour drive away from Hobart, Mount Field is a beautiful national park which hosts several waterfalls and an amazing moss-covered forest. The Lady Barron Falls can be found after an easy 40 minute hike (count 1.5 hours if you take pictures about just anything like me though!)

A Tasmanian Sunrise

I'm just back from a short vacation to Tasmania and I have a strange feeling of having seen beautiful things mixed to the frustration of not having been able to capture all I could. Part of it is due to the unfortunate weather I had: good enough for a holiday but too cloudy to allow ...


Sunrise in Yangon

As I haven't been able to take pictures lately, I'm posting some of the remaining pictures from Myanmar. This one was taken from the hotel I stayed at in Yangon at sunrise, looking at the Karaweik Palace, a cultural hall in Yangon. I wasn't lucky enough to catch people walking on the wooden structure in ...


Cloudy Day

I realise I haven't posted anything for a while and the reason is that I've been pretty busy at work for the past couple of weeks. That being said, I've just received the ND filters I purchased from Singh Ray (together with the "Big Stopper" from Lee filters) and I couldn't resist trying out those ...