Bride’s Pool Waterfall

After a nice hike in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park in the New Territories, you are rewarded by a short walk to the Bride's Pool Waterfall, a nice multi-layered waterfall ending in a nice pool. The story behind it is however not that nice, as the name of the pool comes from the story ...


Lady Barron Falls

Just about an hour drive away from Hobart, Mount Field is a beautiful national park which hosts several waterfalls and an amazing moss-covered forest. The Lady Barron Falls can be found after an easy 40 minute hike (count 1.5 hours if you take pictures about just anything like me though!)

Cloudy Day

I realise I haven't posted anything for a while and the reason is that I've been pretty busy at work for the past couple of weeks. That being said, I've just received the ND filters I purchased from Singh Ray (together with the "Big Stopper" from Lee filters) and I couldn't resist trying out those ...


Huka Falls

On the way to Turangi from Rotorua, do not miss the Huka falls, some impressive waterfalls with a beautiful blue colour flowing at 220,000 litres per second.

The Marokopa Falls

Silky waterfall in Waikato. This waterfall is well hidden (you have to take a small path in the forest in the middle of the highway) but it's well worth the effort. As mentioned before, the forest is as enjoyable as the waterfall itself.