Orakei Korako

The Orakei Korako park is one of the only geothermal parks I went to where you can get really close to the streams of hot water flowing on the terrace.

The Inferno Crater Lake

Another attraction of the Waimangu area: the Inferno Crater Lake. Honestly, I think the name is a little too dramatic and may have been picked to attract tourists because I think the beautiful colour of this lake is quite the opposite of a vision of hell!

Devil’s Ink Pots

Probably not the most colourful photos I took during my New Zealand trip but I still find those mud-filled craters quite interesting for their shape and colour, especially considering the very relevant name that was given to them: Devil's Ink Pots.

Steamy Jungle

Around the Waikite Valley, the water is so hot that the steam gives a misty look to this forest. You can even see the water droplets on the branches of the tree on the right hand side, if you click on the picture to enlarge it in the gallery.

Devil’s Bath

In the Waiotapu geothermal park, the last point of interest will definitely catch your attention. The concentration of sulphur in Devil's bath gives it an unreal green colour that reminds me of the radioactive baths in The Simpsons' nuclear plant 😉