Balanced Rock

The improbable position of Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, sitting there on top of a pile of rocks makes this place one of the main attractions of the park. Located not too far from the entrance, it's the perfect introduction to this incredible National Park, which hosts many more wonders.

The Final Judgment

Caught by the sublime light just before leaving the Lower Antelope Canyon, I must confess I had an awesome time in there! I had been dreaming about going there for over a decade and it was even better than I expected!

Fins Before Arches

Fins are impressive formations that you can easily find in Arches National Park. As a matter of fact, fins are the stage preceding the formation of an arch, after rainwater dissolves the sandstone, widening cracks. A beautiful collection of fins can be found on the Double-O Arch hike at the end of the hike. Check ...


Hiking The Narrows

Zion National Park has to be one of my favorite places among all the ones I packed in my busy schedule last July. It's not only a gorgeous place for photos and I really regret not having been able to slow down to enjoy it more or take photos, it's also one of the most ...


The River of Life

Dead Horse Point State Park gives you a nice vantage point on the Colorado river, allowing you to witness the river flow in the middle of major deserts, carving the land for millions of years to make the beautiful canyons of Utah and Arizona.

Stand and Rise

Sunset is more popular than sunrise for Delicate Arch, not only because it's easier to wake up at 5pm than 5am but also because the sunlight would lighten up the arch directly and not be blocked by the surrounding rocks on the other side. Having had a cloudy sunset the night before, I decided to ...


Rains of Blessing

In Zion National Park, a favorite location to shoot the sunset is from the bridge close to Canyon Junction bus stop. The location allows you to have a nice view of The Watchman while including the river in the foreground. It's an absolute cliché shot but one that you need to have in your collection! ...


When Evil Turns To Stone

Bryce Canyon National Park has a wonderful amphitheater displaying hundreds of tower-like formations. Once believed to be evil beings turned into stone according to the legend, the phenomenon can actually be explained by water seeping into the cracks, freezing and thus expanding, making the crack a little wider every time. Try to get there at ...


Electric Canyonlands

Sometimes weather doesn't go as expected and you may end up with very dull photos when you were expecting a beautiful scenery. However when weather is really really bad, then I couldn't recommend enough to go out and try your luck anyway! You may come back soaked but also filled with satisfaction after going home ...


Double O Arch

As a follow up of a previous post, this is the beautiful view of the Double O Arch in the Arches National Park, after you go through the lower opening. The view there is really the grand finale of a very fun hike and you will enjoy sitting in the shade to admire the elegant ...


Through The Eye Of The Mountain

The hike leading to the Double O Arch in the Arches National Park has to be one of the most fun I've done: a little steep, not too long but all very fun with each section being different to the previous one. The real fun however resides in the fact that you get to hike ...


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This is one of the shots that got me up at 3:30am and to drive for almost an hour to capture the sunrise but I'm happy I did. The world-famous view at Mesa Arch at sunrise does not disappoint: when the light beams start hitting the sandstone from below, the colour the arch turns into ...