Ridge Racer

Has reality caught up with fiction? With the sakura trees lit up with purple lighting and light trails of cars passing by, one may feel like in a racing video game 🙂 I wasn't very fond of the lighting when I visited that area, close to Midtown in Tokyo but I have to say the ...



Although the Someiyoshino type of sakura is the most wide-spread and probably the most popular kind in Japan, one must appreciate the Shidarezakura tree, not less beautiful in my opinion, with its weeping branches and vivid pink color.

Morning Kiss

There's nothing like waking up at 4am to be the first one to see the sakura at sunrise in Tokyo with no one else in front of you!

The Temple of Pure Water

Kiyiomizudera, one of the major temples in Kyoto "floats" over red autumn foliage thanks to its stage built on wooden pillars, bringing it about 12 meters high over the ground. This year's red foliage wasn't actually the most impressive one. It had suddenly got cold then the temperature rose again, preventing the leaves from turning ...


Red Carpet

The grandiose stairs to the Bishamondou temple were covered by red maple leaves freshly fallen after a rainy day. I strongly recommend this location for autumn leaves, not only because of this beautiful sight but also because this temple is somehow less visited than others and it is one of the rare ones where you ...


Yakushima’s Mystical Forest

Yakushima is a small island south to Kagoshima where the high amount of rainfall has allowed nature to develop in a unique manner where several generations of cedar trees grow on top of each other and beautiful moss covers most rocks and tree trunks. Even with a terrible weather, the hike is an enjoyable one. ...


Another Face of Hong Kong

I have been guilty of portraying Hong Kong as a crazy city with tall buildings and narrow streets, while leaving aside another one of its important aspects: the countless hikes in the mountains and other green areas. Thanks to talented photographer Justin Law and to Canon HK organising workshops for members of the Club Canon, ...