Lost in Time

When wandering in the streets of Sannenzaka in Kyoto, it's easy to believe you've been projected back in time. The wooden houses and the tiles on the pavement, although renovated, are quite effective at making you expect crossing path with a samurai. If you are lucky, you might see a maiko-san (an apprentice geisha) furtively ...


Gold Rush

It's not easy to find a good spot for a sunrise or a sunset in Hong Kong, unless you actually go to the coast. However, with the beautiful weather we had on the first day of the lunar calendar, I decided to go and shoot in Wanchai and enjoy a stroll in unusually quiet streets ...


One Moment, An Eternity

This is one of the photos we took for Candice and Kok-Siong in Hong Kong back in October last year (when it wasn't freezing cold in HK yet!) Candice and KS will get married in March and had to postpone their pre-wedding photo session because of the haze in Singapore. Instead, we went out for ...


Street Workshop

This is one of those small streets in HK, where there's so much going on. Here, this man works in a narrow alley to alter clothes that people from the neighbourhood take to him. The picture was taken at 3pm on a very sunny day!

Who’s Who?

En se promenant dans les rues de Hong Kong, on tombe parfois sur un drama en train d'être tourné. En revanche, comme je ne regarde pas la tv, aucune chance de reconnaître la jolie demoiselle ou même le type avec le chignon sur la tête, des souliers vernis et un pantalon trop court. J'ai déjà ...