At The Mercy of The Gods

I cannot imagine what the first ancient Nordic people could have thought about the magnificent auroras at the time. Was it the same awe that struck me when I saw the Northern Lights for the first time or fear that Gods would unleash their wrath on Earth? Even backed with scientific explanations, it's a phenomenon ...


Avenue of the Stars

On a rainy Sunday morning in Paris while I was waiting for my hotel room to be ready, I figured I might as well go out and take some photos. Happy New Year of the Monkey!

Sydney by Night

Just before going to the office, I dropped by Milsons Point on the other side of Harbour Bridge to take this cool view of Sydney before the sunrise and I can tell you something: Australian mornings in Autumn are chilly!

Starry Night in Turangi

A super clear sky (the only one for the whole week I was in New Zealand) allowed me to snap this photo of a beautiful night in Turangi, where the Milky Way met the moon. Actually, I wish the moon hadn't been there but I will have to plan my holidays carefully next time to ...