White Pocket’s Magical Mirror

Like in a fairy tale, this mirror pool suddenly appeared out of nowhere, thanks to the brief thunderstorm that had me worried the photo session would be spoilt. Instead, it made the place look even more beautiful with glowing rocks and impromptu ponds reflecting the beautiful scenery.

The Oasis

Finding some grass and a small pool in the middle of White Pocket is really a fun sight, considering the rest of the area mainly consists of stones with such interesting structure and color. On that day, the rain (which is still visible in the background) helped emphasise the green color which combines beautifully with ...


When Evil Turns To Stone

Bryce Canyon National Park has a wonderful amphitheater displaying hundreds of tower-like formations. Once believed to be evil beings turned into stone according to the legend, the phenomenon can actually be explained by water seeping into the cracks, freezing and thus expanding, making the crack a little wider every time. Try to get there at ...


Layer Cake Island

White Pocket in Arizona has got to be one of the most fascinating places I've ever seen. It's like nothing else out there, with such a huge diversity of formations ranging from cauliflower type of rocks to sandstone, with swirls and waves all over the place. The place may not be as famous as The ...


Nature’s Invitation

The hike around the Dove Lake offers beautiful views of the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I'm getting all excited about the next 2 trips I'm currently planning: Daocheng Yading in May, the "Yosemite" of Asia which is also the area which supposedly inspired Shangri-La. Then in July, I will be visiting the Southwest in the ...