As If You Were There

I love it when new technology comes in and allows reviving some old favourite photos. Most of the time, it's a new way of processing photos, the introduction of HDR, enhanced color management, etc. which are all nice but very subtle and usually only noticed by a trained eye. In this case, I came across ...


Mountain on Fire

Sentinel Bridge is another location in Yosemite National Park made famous by Ansel Adams. It's a great place to enjoy a beautiful view of Half Dome reflecting in the Merced river, especially at sunset when the iconic mountain is glowing under the warm evening light.

Yakushima’s Mystical Forest

Yakushima is a small island south to Kagoshima where the high amount of rainfall has allowed nature to develop in a unique manner where several generations of cedar trees grow on top of each other and beautiful moss covers most rocks and tree trunks. Even with a terrible weather, the hike is an enjoyable one. ...


Hiking The Narrows

Zion National Park has to be one of my favorite places among all the ones I packed in my busy schedule last July. It's not only a gorgeous place for photos and I really regret not having been able to slow down to enjoy it more or take photos, it's also one of the most ...


The River of Life

Dead Horse Point State Park gives you a nice vantage point on the Colorado river, allowing you to witness the river flow in the middle of major deserts, carving the land for millions of years to make the beautiful canyons of Utah and Arizona.

Another Face of Hong Kong

I have been guilty of portraying Hong Kong as a crazy city with tall buildings and narrow streets, while leaving aside another one of its important aspects: the countless hikes in the mountains and other green areas. Thanks to talented photographer Justin Law and to Canon HK organising workshops for members of the Club Canon, ...


Half Dome at Sunset

This is a view not to be missed in Yosemite Park. Although any photo with the Half Dome in it almost instantly becomes a classic, this particular shot gives you a nice view on the famous rock reflecting on the Mercer river, while the soft light gives the bit of colour you need to brighten ...


Dramatic Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is one of those locations which is worth going both at sunset and at sunrise. In the latter case, the sun will be in your back but will illuminate the sandstone with its warm light. When you get a nice thunderstorm to make the sky a little more dramatic, you get a recipe ...


Rains of Blessing

In Zion National Park, a favorite location to shoot the sunset is from the bridge close to Canyon Junction bus stop. The location allows you to have a nice view of The Watchman while including the river in the foreground. It's an absolute cliché shot but one that you need to have in your collection! ...


Horseshoe Bend

The point where the Colorado river bends in a spectacular manner is another famous location not to be missed if you're not scared of heights. In order to get a good shot, you will have to get pretty close to the hair-raising cliff, with you and your tripod standing just a few centimetres away from ...