With Respect For The Founding Fathers

Happy anniversary to all my Singaporean friends, as the nation celebrates its 50 years as an independent nation this year! Beyond the aesthetics of the scene, this picture has a special historical meaning as the port on the right hand side known as Boat Quay used to welcome ships for trading of goods, while the ...


The Untouchables

The financial district of Pudong in Shanghai shows off its tallest buildings from across the river, not without pride and maybe a certain insolence.


What a great feeling it is to wake up at the same time as a city and to witness the sunlight unwrap to replace the night.

Summer Is Coming

Enjoying the peaceful evening in the middle of Tokyo. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky thanks to the typhoon the night before.

Nature’s Invitation

The hike around the Dove Lake offers beautiful views of the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I'm getting all excited about the next 2 trips I'm currently planning: Daocheng Yading in May, the "Yosemite" of Asia which is also the area which supposedly inspired Shangri-La. Then in July, I will be visiting the Southwest in the ...


New Beginnings

This is the last photo of the series of sunrise shots of the beautiful Jal Mahal in Jaipur. In just 2 days, I was able to get 4 very different shots (only 3 of them will be displayed though!) and it just shows how unique each morning is and should not be wasted. Even though ...