The sunrise was very dull that morning but the water was so still, it allowed Nijubashi, one of the most famous bridges in Japan, to reflect almost perfectly on the surface.

Delhi’s Misty Sunrise

It was only early March but the air was already heavy from the raindrop a few days before I arrived in India. The thickness and humidity did not seem to agree with the stone of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib's floor which was still icy cold and made each barefoot step more painful that morning. Yet, what ...


Mountain on Fire

Sentinel Bridge is another location in Yosemite National Park made famous by Ansel Adams. It's a great place to enjoy a beautiful view of Half Dome reflecting in the Merced river, especially at sunset when the iconic mountain is glowing under the warm evening light.

White Pocket’s Magical Mirror

Like in a fairy tale, this mirror pool suddenly appeared out of nowhere, thanks to the brief thunderstorm that had me worried the photo session would be spoilt. Instead, it made the place look even more beautiful with glowing rocks and impromptu ponds reflecting the beautiful scenery.

Another Face of Hong Kong

I have been guilty of portraying Hong Kong as a crazy city with tall buildings and narrow streets, while leaving aside another one of its important aspects: the countless hikes in the mountains and other green areas. Thanks to talented photographer Justin Law and to Canon HK organising workshops for members of the Club Canon, ...


Half Dome at Sunset

This is a view not to be missed in Yosemite Park. Although any photo with the Half Dome in it almost instantly becomes a classic, this particular shot gives you a nice view on the famous rock reflecting on the Mercer river, while the soft light gives the bit of colour you need to brighten ...


Dramatic Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is one of those locations which is worth going both at sunset and at sunrise. In the latter case, the sun will be in your back but will illuminate the sandstone with its warm light. When you get a nice thunderstorm to make the sky a little more dramatic, you get a recipe ...


The Oasis

Finding some grass and a small pool in the middle of White Pocket is really a fun sight, considering the rest of the area mainly consists of stones with such interesting structure and color. On that day, the rain (which is still visible in the background) helped emphasise the green color which combines beautifully with ...


Mono Lake Sunrise

The limestone formations sticking out above the water give Mono Lake this funny alien look which attracts lots of photographers to this place just next to Yosemite National Park in California. The so-called tufa towers were formed underwater but the lake's level dropped in 1941, as water was diverted to support the growing demand from ...


Don’t Be Afraid Of The Storm

Bad weather conditions can sometimes produce the most dramatic photos. This was taken in Auckland at sunrise, while I was witnessing the clouds unfold and wrap the sky with its dark layer, as if the night was falling again.

The Multiple Faces Of A Sunrise

I'm posting not one but three pictures today to illustrate how different a sunrise can look depending on the time of the day you get on location. So just don't think it's fine to arrive at the time of the sunrise, else you may be missing beautiful crepuscular rays or that magic moment when the ...