One Moment, An Eternity

This is one of the photos we took for Candice and Kok-Siong in Hong Kong back in October last year (when it wasn't freezing cold in HK yet!) Candice and KS will get married in March and had to postpone their pre-wedding photo session because of the haze in Singapore. Instead, we went out for ...


An Indian Wedding

A picture of the beautiful bride at the Indian wedding I attended last weekend. It's not easy to compose a photo to show the mehndi, the gorgeous hand decorations applied at Hindu weddings but I like the result of the pose I asked the bride to strike, which allowed highlighting her beautiful eyes 🙂 Congratulations ...


Dreams of the Perfect Wedding

Congratulations to Pian and Clarencio for the beautiful wedding last Saturday! This shot was from the preparation phase, while Pian was getting her make up done, I framed the shot with the gorgeous qua, the traditional Chinese 2-piece wedding gown with beautiful embroidery of dragons and phoenixes in golden and red threads. More pictures of ...


Mesmerising Myanmar

This beautiful girl was selling scarves at the local market. The yellow paint on her face is called thanaka and is made of ground tree bark. It's mainly used to protect the skin from sunburn but also as cosmetics. This girl played with it to draw some cute patterns on her face. This is a ...


About Me

My name is Eddie Hui-Bon-Hoa, I am a French photographer currently based in Hong Kong after having spent about 12 years in Japan. My time in Asia allowed me to develop a passion for photography and more specifically in the form of a Zen-like activity, thorough which I express myself in the form of breathtaking ...


Wishing For The Sun

I went out with a few colleagues to practice portraiture on this rainy day in Hong Kong. The weather didn't look too promising first, as it started raining when we got out but that wouldn't stop me from testing my brand new Canon EOS 5DSR! Mwahahahaaa! The camera is really similar to the 5D Mark ...


“Not For Me, Thanks”

"Amusing but not for me, thanks", seemed to think the girl delicately dressed with her shawl, while witnessing fools throw coloured powder at each other during the Holi festival in Mathura.