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Trip to Cebu

February 26th, 2001 1 comment

Last week end, I was invited by some friends of the office to spend the week end in Cebu, in the Philippines. The flight was a little tough, always wondering if we were about to crash with Philippines AirLines (especially when the plane started to shake while it was going down !), but it was worth it ! The weather was great as you can see on the pictures below, the place was really nice (even a little too nice) and the atmosphere was excellent !

I took some pictures but most of the time, I was "busy" swimming, playing with friends or dancing ! The only pictures I managed to take were those at the party but my flash was not powerful enough to take good pictures (I really have to get one soon !), some pictures of the hotel or pictures taken from the bus of the suburb. Don't miss the picture of Jean-Claude Van Damme, I'm really proud of this one ! :D

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