Sometimes Less Is More

I am particularly drawn to black and white images lately. It's curious how removing colour information can actually bring so much depth in a photo. In this particular case, I could have shown off the beautiful autumn foliage of this Japanese temple but I thought black and white was equally suitable to convey how peaceful ...


Four Views

This photo was taken in one my favorite temples in Kyoto. It's not only one of the most serene and elegant ones I know of, it also seems almost completely unknown to the public. I was therefore able to peacefully take photos without having to battle with dozens of other tourists! This particular room has ...


Bride’s Pool Waterfall

After a nice hike in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park in the New Territories, you are rewarded by a short walk to the Bride's Pool Waterfall, a nice multi-layered waterfall ending in a nice pool. The story behind it is however not that nice, as the name of the pool comes from the story ...


The Multiple Faces Of A Sunrise

I'm posting not one but three pictures today to illustrate how different a sunrise can look depending on the time of the day you get on location. So just don't think it's fine to arrive at the time of the sunrise, else you may be missing beautiful crepuscular rays or that magic moment when the ...


Summer Is Coming

Enjoying the peaceful evening in the middle of Tokyo. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky thanks to the typhoon the night before.