Lost in Time

When wandering in the streets of Sannenzaka in Kyoto, it's easy to believe you've been projected back in time. The wooden houses and the tiles on the pavement, although renovated, are quite effective at making you expect crossing path with a samurai. If you are lucky, you might see a maiko-san (an apprentice geisha) furtively ...


Bicycle Repairman

Wonderful little shop to repair bicycles and rickshaws in Delhi. Don't the terms "bicycle repairman" remind you of the Monty Python's Flying Circus (or maybe I'm too old)?

Chandni Chowk

I love the old districts of Delhi, especially Chandni Chowk, where shops look like they haven't changed for the past 50 years or more (and it's most likely the case)! Look at the chairs in this shop, I'm wondering how heavy they are!