Ridge Racer

Has reality caught up with fiction? With the sakura trees lit up with purple lighting and light trails of cars passing by, one may feel like in a racing video game 🙂 I wasn't very fond of the lighting when I visited that area, close to Midtown in Tokyo but I have to say the ...


Blood Moon

"The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood." While I was waiting for the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, the twilight started setting and the moon turned into an eerie red color.

Sydney by Night

Just before going to the office, I dropped by Milsons Point on the other side of Harbour Bridge to take this cool view of Sydney before the sunrise and I can tell you something: Australian mornings in Autumn are chilly!

Roppongi Dori

This is a new take on the picture I published in 2007. This time around, I was much better equipped, with an actual tripod and my Carl Zeiss 15mm lens. Unfortunately, it was rather quiet that night and there wasn't much traffic in the usually busy Roppongi Dori, so I applied a motion filter to ...


Starry Night in Turangi

A super clear sky (the only one for the whole week I was in New Zealand) allowed me to snap this photo of a beautiful night in Turangi, where the Milky Way met the moon. Actually, I wish the moon hadn't been there but I will have to plan my holidays carefully next time to ...


Hong Kong Light Racing

Taken as the sunset reflects on Hong Kong's IFC building. I used my Carl Zeiss 15mm lens and the picture quality never ceases to amaze me: the sharpness is so great, you feel you can zoom in forever. It also remains very sharp up to the corners!