About Me

My name is Eddie Hui-Bon-Hoa, I am a French photographer currently based in Hong Kong after having spent about 12 years in Japan. My time in Asia allowed me to develop a passion for photography and more specifically in the form of a Zen-like activity, thorough which I express myself in the form of breathtaking ...


Lady Barron Falls

Just about an hour drive away from Hobart, Mount Field is a beautiful national park which hosts several waterfalls and an amazing moss-covered forest. The Lady Barron Falls can be found after an easy 40 minute hike (count 1.5 hours if you take pictures about just anything like me though!)

Hike To Mount Doom

Hiking in the Tongariro crossing where The Lord of the Ring's scenes of Mordor were shot and looking at Mount Ngauruhoe, also known as Mount Doom (also much easier to pronounce!)

The Marokopa Falls

Silky waterfall in Waikato. This waterfall is well hidden (you have to take a small path in the forest in the middle of the highway) but it's well worth the effort. As mentioned before, the forest is as enjoyable as the waterfall itself.