As If You Were There

I love it when new technology comes in and allows reviving some old favourite photos. Most of the time, it's a new way of processing photos, the introduction of HDR, enhanced color management, etc. which are all nice but very subtle and usually only noticed by a trained eye. In this case, I came across ...


Face Off with El Capitan

When you drive into Yosemite Valley and come out of the woods, the trees open up to the giant of granite facing you. This is one of the most impressive views of the famous national park or at least the most humbling experience in my opinion. It's hard to show how imposing the 900m-tall rock ...


Hike To Mount Doom

Hiking in the Tongariro crossing where The Lord of the Ring's scenes of Mordor were shot and looking at Mount Ngauruhoe, also known as Mount Doom (also much easier to pronounce!)