The Pink Circle

The afterglow of the sunset behind U Bein bridge in Mandalay was amazing that day. The reflection on the water makes it look like the boat passing by is enclosed in a pink circle.

The Mingun Pagoda

The Mingun temple is a huge building which construction is incomplete. The originally intended height was 3 times the current one. The cracks are the results of an earthquake that hit Myanmar in 1839.

Mandalay Sunrise

Beautiful sunrise in Mandalay, with the famous U-Bein bridge on the right hand side (and my fellow photographers on the left hand side). The boats are used in the evening for a romantic ride (or a nice photo shoot, if you're a geek like me) at sunset, when you can see nice silhouettes crossing the ...


A Happy Novice Monk

I shot this portrait of this smiling novice monk in Mandalay while the light was very harsh. The polarising filter I was using however did a good job in removing all the unwanted overexposed areas and I ended up with a very nice lighting on the face.