Mesmerising Myanmar

This beautiful girl was selling scarves at the local market. The yellow paint on her face is called thanaka and is made of ground tree bark. It's mainly used to protect the skin from sunburn but also as cosmetics. This girl played with it to draw some cute patterns on her face. This is a ...


Wishing For The Sun

I went out with a few colleagues to practice portraiture on this rainy day in Hong Kong. The weather didn't look too promising first, as it started raining when we got out but that wouldn't stop me from testing my brand new Canon EOS 5DSR! Mwahahahaaa! The camera is really similar to the 5D Mark ...


Chandni Chowk

I love the old districts of Delhi, especially Chandni Chowk, where shops look like they haven't changed for the past 50 years or more (and it's most likely the case)! Look at the chairs in this shop, I'm wondering how heavy they are!

Street Workshop

This is one of those small streets in HK, where there's so much going on. Here, this man works in a narrow alley to alter clothes that people from the neighbourhood take to him. The picture was taken at 3pm on a very sunny day!

Portrait of a Girl

Back to the Myanmar trip with the portrait of a beautiful girl from the En tribe in the Shan state. It's amazing how a light beam in a dark environment can brighten up a face so beautifully. I also like how her earrings keep glowing in the shade.