A Morning In Iceland

It's getting cold in Hong Kong (well relatively)! Do you recognise this place (hint: not in Hong Kong)? Time to review my Iceland library and to dig out some of the photos I had discarded because I didn't know how to process them at the time!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017! Thanks to the 2000+ persons who are following me on Facebook and the 400+ on Instagram. Keeping up the pace in 2016 hasn't been easy but I'm still trying to post as often as I can although I have to admit updating several platforms (this blog included) ...


Kyoto by Night

Kiyomizudera is equally stunning at night when the light-up show is on. The staff in charge of the lighting did an amazing job to make the autumn colours pop even at night. I love how the orange colour of the leaves combines with the cold blue of that light beam in the sky.

Bitchu Matsuyama

On certain days, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle appears to be floating over a sea of clouds. When this happens with a beautiful splash of red thanks to the Autumn foliage, you get a landscape worth of fairy tales books.

When Discovering Simple Pleasures

When I was in France, I had never pictured myself being able to sit down at a window to simply look at trees. Maybe I was too young and impatient, lacking the maturity to enjoy a beautiful piece of nature. However living in Japan changed my perspectives and I am now the one feeling sorry ...


Achieving Balance

There is really something fascinating about Japan. Everywhere, you can see its attention to perfection, the harmony and the balance, the respect for others and for nature, etc. It's not just to be keep appearances like a superficial smile to someone, it's rooted deep down in the culture and in people. When I look at ...