New Beginnings

This is the last photo of the series of sunrise shots of the beautiful Jal Mahal in Jaipur. In just 2 days, I was able to get 4 very different shots (only 3 of them will be displayed though!) and it just shows how unique each morning is and should not be wasted. Even though ...


Smoking With Attitude

Although most people in India were rather enthusiastic about having their picture taken (some even requested me to take their picture), it was a different story with this guy smoking in front of this cool door... I almost got punched in the face for taking that picture. What do you think? Was it worth it? ...


Dreamy Jal Mahal

It was cloudy that morning but hey, you've got to do with what you have! I couldn't catch a nice sunrise so instead I used a 10-stop ND filter to catch some drama with the clouds. I just wish there was a little more wind on that day too!