Sailing to the Sun

This was taken at the same spot as the photo I posted earlier this week, only minutes later, proving again that you should not pack your camera gear until you are 100% certain you got the shot you wanted! Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017! Thanks to the 2000+ persons who are following me on Facebook and the 400+ on Instagram. Keeping up the pace in 2016 hasn't been easy but I'm still trying to post as often as I can although I have to admit updating several platforms (this blog included) ...


Asphalt Valley At Dawn

When I said I was drawn to B&W images last week, it didn't take me too long to take the plunge as I recently acquired a Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 camera. I've been thinking about getting one for a while, especially since Leica came up with this brilliant marketing campaign where Zack Snyder (the ...


One Moment, An Eternity

This is one of the photos we took for Candice and Kok-Siong in Hong Kong back in October last year (when it wasn't freezing cold in HK yet!) Candice and KS will get married in March and had to postpone their pre-wedding photo session because of the haze in Singapore. Instead, we went out for ...


Dreams of the Perfect Wedding

Congratulations to Pian and Clarencio for the beautiful wedding last Saturday! This shot was from the preparation phase, while Pian was getting her make up done, I framed the shot with the gorgeous qua, the traditional Chinese 2-piece wedding gown with beautiful embroidery of dragons and phoenixes in golden and red threads. More pictures of ...


Bride’s Pool Waterfall

After a nice hike in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park in the New Territories, you are rewarded by a short walk to the Bride's Pool Waterfall, a nice multi-layered waterfall ending in a nice pool. The story behind it is however not that nice, as the name of the pool comes from the story ...


Another Face of Hong Kong

I have been guilty of portraying Hong Kong as a crazy city with tall buildings and narrow streets, while leaving aside another one of its important aspects: the countless hikes in the mountains and other green areas. Thanks to talented photographer Justin Law and to Canon HK organising workshops for members of the Club Canon, ...