At The Mercy of The Gods

I cannot imagine what the first ancient Nordic people could have thought about the magnificent auroras at the time. Was it the same awe that struck me when I saw the Northern Lights for the first time or fear that Gods would unleash their wrath on Earth? Even backed with scientific explanations, it's a phenomenon ...


The Fallen Ones

The fallen trunks were laying on top of each other, as if someone had placed them to make a path leading deeper into the forest, like a beautiful yet terrifying invitation to get lost. I love the forests of Yakushima. They are all the more mysterious on rainy days, as the moss seems to glow ...



An abandoned railway in the Taipingshan park in Taiwan got overgrown by the beautiful nature of the mountain. A typhoon was getting close to Taiwan on that day but I didn't back down and I'm happy I went ahead anyway. I think the mist adds to the mystery of the place. Please expand the photo ...


Bride’s Pool Waterfall

After a nice hike in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park in the New Territories, you are rewarded by a short walk to the Bride's Pool Waterfall, a nice multi-layered waterfall ending in a nice pool. The story behind it is however not that nice, as the name of the pool comes from the story ...


Another Face of Hong Kong

I have been guilty of portraying Hong Kong as a crazy city with tall buildings and narrow streets, while leaving aside another one of its important aspects: the countless hikes in the mountains and other green areas. Thanks to talented photographer Justin Law and to Canon HK organising workshops for members of the Club Canon, ...


Wishing For The Sun

I went out with a few colleagues to practice portraiture on this rainy day in Hong Kong. The weather didn't look too promising first, as it started raining when we got out but that wouldn't stop me from testing my brand new Canon EOS 5DSR! Mwahahahaaa! The camera is really similar to the 5D Mark ...


Red Aurora

Hoping everyone had a nice Xmas holiday, here's another colourful shot from my trip to Norway earlier this year. Enjoy the holiday season!