Kyoto by Night

Kiyomizudera is equally stunning at night when the light-up show is on. The staff in charge of the lighting did an amazing job to make the autumn colours pop even at night. I love how the orange colour of the leaves combines with the cold blue of that light beam in the sky.

Sometimes Less Is More

I am particularly drawn to black and white images lately. It's curious how removing colour information can actually bring so much depth in a photo. In this particular case, I could have shown off the beautiful autumn foliage of this Japanese temple but I thought black and white was equally suitable to convey how peaceful ...


Bitchu Matsuyama

On certain days, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle appears to be floating over a sea of clouds. When this happens with a beautiful splash of red thanks to the Autumn foliage, you get a landscape worth of fairy tales books.


Even though the peak of the Autumn season had already passed in Kyoto, it was still possible to find some incredible places such as Komyoji (光明寺), where colours were ranging from green to yellow, orange and vivid red. When taking photos in Kyoto, the challenge is to get a clean shot without anyone in the ...


When Discovering Simple Pleasures

When I was in France, I had never pictured myself being able to sit down at a window to simply look at trees. Maybe I was too young and impatient, lacking the maturity to enjoy a beautiful piece of nature. However living in Japan changed my perspectives and I am now the one feeling sorry ...


Achieving Balance

There is really something fascinating about Japan. Everywhere, you can see its attention to perfection, the harmony and the balance, the respect for others and for nature, etc. It's not just to be keep appearances like a superficial smile to someone, it's rooted deep down in the culture and in people. When I look at ...


The Temple of Pure Water

Kiyiomizudera, one of the major temples in Kyoto "floats" over red autumn foliage thanks to its stage built on wooden pillars, bringing it about 12 meters high over the ground. This year's red foliage wasn't actually the most impressive one. It had suddenly got cold then the temperature rose again, preventing the leaves from turning ...


Red Carpet

The grandiose stairs to the Bishamondou temple were covered by red maple leaves freshly fallen after a rainy day. I strongly recommend this location for autumn leaves, not only because of this beautiful sight but also because this temple is somehow less visited than others and it is one of the rare ones where you ...