Sailing to the Sun

This was taken at the same spot as the photo I posted earlier this week, only minutes later, proving again that you should not pack your camera gear until you are 100% certain you got the shot you wanted! Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!

The Oasis

Finding some grass and a small pool in the middle of White Pocket is really a fun sight, considering the rest of the area mainly consists of stones with such interesting structure and color. On that day, the rain (which is still visible in the background) helped emphasise the green color which combines beautifully with ...


Nautical Twilight

I got up at 4:30am that morning and peeked outside to see if I could beat the weather forecast announcing 100% chance of rain. Seeing some patches of clear sky, I hopped in a taxi and got to the Hong Kong Peak, still misty from a fresh summer night. As usual, I couldn't help but ...


Horseshoe Bend

The point where the Colorado river bends in a spectacular manner is another famous location not to be missed if you're not scared of heights. In order to get a good shot, you will have to get pretty close to the hair-raising cliff, with you and your tripod standing just a few centimetres away from ...


Don’t Be Afraid Of The Storm

Bad weather conditions can sometimes produce the most dramatic photos. This was taken in Auckland at sunrise, while I was witnessing the clouds unfold and wrap the sky with its dark layer, as if the night was falling again.

The Storm

For those of you living in Hong Kong, this is what today's storm looked like from the Peak and yes, it got me soaked later in the afternoon.