Ridge Racer

Has reality caught up with fiction? With the sakura trees lit up with purple lighting and light trails of cars passing by, one may feel like in a racing video game 🙂 I wasn't very fond of the lighting when I visited that area, close to Midtown in Tokyo but I have to say the ...



Although the Someiyoshino type of sakura is the most wide-spread and probably the most popular kind in Japan, one must appreciate the Shidarezakura tree, not less beautiful in my opinion, with its weeping branches and vivid pink color.

Morning Kiss

There's nothing like waking up at 4am to be the first one to see the sakura at sunrise in Tokyo with no one else in front of you!

Japan’s Graceful Sakura

Autumn used to be my favorite season in Japan because of the beautiful red and orange colours you can find in the trees. My recent trip to Japan made me reconsider my stance, as I feel like I'm discovering the pleasures of viewing the sakura (cherry blossoms) again. Sakura are immensely difficult to catch at ...


Ohanami Outside of Japan

When you miss the cherry blossom season in Japan, USA is a perfectly acceptable alternate destination. Besides, you don't get the hundreds of Japanese people trying to take pictures or lying down under the trees 😉 The nice couple there was just perfect to complete the picture. If you know who they are, I'd like ...