Mountain on Fire

Sentinel Bridge is another location in Yosemite National Park made famous by Ansel Adams. It's a great place to enjoy a beautiful view of Half Dome reflecting in the Merced river, especially at sunset when the iconic mountain is glowing under the warm evening light.

The Urge to Fly

Tunnel View is another iconic view of Yosemite National Park, made famous by Ansel Adams. The place is reachable when approaching the national park via Wawona Tunnel. From there, you have an incredible view of Yosemite Valley, featuring El Capitan on the left, Half Dome in the back and Bridalveil Fall on the right (unfortunately ...


Machines from Another Time

When in Death Valley National Park, my biggest fear was to run out of gas, which almost happened as I had underestimated the small size of the tank. Fortunately, the gas station at the exit of the park came as a real salvation. Not only that, it has a few antique machines displayed outside, helping ...


Face Off with El Capitan

When you drive into Yosemite Valley and come out of the woods, the trees open up to the giant of granite facing you. This is one of the most impressive views of the famous national park or at least the most humbling experience in my opinion. It's hard to show how imposing the 900m-tall rock ...


Blue Sunrise at Mono Lake

In the twilight just before sunrise, the tufa towers had that indescribable colour, as the unusual white stone reflected the subtle mix between a fresh night ending and leaving the scene to a warm rising day. I definitely need to go to Mono Lake again to explore more about this incredible place and its spectacular ...


Half Dome at Sunset

This is a view not to be missed in Yosemite Park. Although any photo with the Half Dome in it almost instantly becomes a classic, this particular shot gives you a nice view on the famous rock reflecting on the Mercer river, while the soft light gives the bit of colour you need to brighten ...


Mono Lake Sunrise

The limestone formations sticking out above the water give Mono Lake this funny alien look which attracts lots of photographers to this place just next to Yosemite National Park in California. The so-called tufa towers were formed underwater but the lake's level dropped in 1941, as water was diverted to support the growing demand from ...