Colourful Melody

When balloons fly off over the pagodas of Old Bagan, they line up in a way that makes them look like a music score to perfectly moving at the pace of the sunrise.

Light Grid

The pagodas in Bagan are not just beautiful from the outside, the light getting in through the openings in the wall is equally fascinating when seen from the inside.

Bagan Sunrise

With dozens of pagodas fading away in the morning mist, Bagan has to be one of nicest locations to shoot a sunrise. I used a graduated filter on this photo, giving it this orange look in the sky.

The Green Circle

A pagoda seems built inside a green circle of unharvested rice fields. Flying in a balloon over Bagan at sunrise is an awesome experience, allowing you to have a glimpse of how large Bagan is (2,100 pagodas today, over 5,000 in the past), while the morning light warmly wraps the luxurious greens.

Balloons of Bagan

Seeing the balloons fly over the hundreds of pagodas in Bagan in the morning is really an amazing sight. Being is one of the said balloon is equally exciting but it will be the subject of another post 😉

Leisure Time

The openings in that pagoda in Bagan created a great lighting for this shot. Thanks, AP Soe for the great setup in this wonderful location! Note that this pic makes a great background picture for a mobile phone 😉