Nature’s Invitation

The hike around the Dove Lake offers beautiful views of the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I'm getting all excited about the next 2 trips I'm currently planning: Daocheng Yading in May, the "Yosemite" of Asia which is also the area which supposedly inspired Shangri-La. Then in July, I will be visiting the Southwest in the ...


Burning Sky

When shooting sunsets, never walk away even after the sun actually disappears below the horizon, as you may be blessed with a dramatic sky like that evening in Sydney. It's not showing in this picture, but it is not easy to shoot in a rocky environment when wearing a suit and dress shoes. Still, totally ...


Under The Spotlight

Taking a good picture of the Sydney Opera House isn't easy as easy as it sounds as there isn't much to compose around (or so it seems, based on my limited research of the topic before I went on this trip!) Fortunately, I was lucky with the weather and got a nice sunrise on the ...


Sydney by Night

Just before going to the office, I dropped by Milsons Point on the other side of Harbour Bridge to take this cool view of Sydney before the sunrise and I can tell you something: Australian mornings in Autumn are chilly!

Incredible Sunset at Launceston

While I was busy taking pictures of the sunset in Launceston, trying to shoot into the sun, I almost missed what was going on in my back. Seeing that amazing sky when I turned around, I rushed to another location to take a picture without cars in front of me. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough ...