Cloudy Day

I realise I haven't posted anything for a while and the reason is that I've been pretty busy at work for the past couple of weeks. That being said, I've just received the ND filters I purchased from Singh Ray (together with the "Big Stopper" from Lee filters) and I couldn't resist trying out those ...


Roppongi Dori

This is a new take on the picture I published in 2007. This time around, I was much better equipped, with an actual tripod and my Carl Zeiss 15mm lens. Unfortunately, it was rather quiet that night and there wasn't much traffic in the usually busy Roppongi Dori, so I applied a motion filter to ...


Street Workshop

This is one of those small streets in HK, where there's so much going on. Here, this man works in a narrow alley to alter clothes that people from the neighbourhood take to him. The picture was taken at 3pm on a very sunny day!

Red Aurora

Hoping everyone had a nice Xmas holiday, here's another colourful shot from my trip to Norway earlier this year. Enjoy the holiday season!