Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017!

Thanks to the 2000+ persons who are following me on Facebook and the 400+ on Instagram. Keeping up the pace in 2016 hasn't been easy but I'm still trying to post as often as I can although I have to admit updating several platforms (this blog included) is really time consuming. That being said, seeing your feedbacks and the number of followers growing really helps so please keep on supporting me and share the page to your friends!

This post is what has now become a tradition for me: a photo of the first sunrise of the year. This year, I tried to find a new location and was not disappointed! This is a view from the Dragon's Back hike in Hong Kong.

It was quite cloudy today and I feared I would go home with "flat" photos but then the sun decided to pierce through the clouds and give us some nice streaks. Using my new filter from Singh-Ray, I was able to shift the colours around and give the scene that dreamy look.

I keep learning new techniques all the time. This is what makes photography so fun to me 🙂

First sunrise of 2017 from Dragon's Back

First sunrise of 2017 from Dragon's Back