Bride’s Pool Waterfall

After a nice hike in the Pat Sin Leng Country Park in the New Territories, you are rewarded by a short walk to the Bride's Pool Waterfall, a nice multi-layered waterfall ending in a nice pool.

The story behind it is however not that nice, as the name of the pool comes from the story of a bride who drowned while she was on her way to visit the groom in stormy weather, after a porter slipped.

For safety reasons, the pool is not accessible to the public and there is no sign to show you the way but it can still be easily found. Just make sure you follow the river and are ready to climb a few rocks and you will be there in no time!

Actually, if you don't feel like hiking at all, you can also decide to go by car to the rightfully named Bride's Pool Road and stop at the BBQ area nearby.

Bride's Pool Waterfall

Bride's Pool Waterfall