Wishing For The Sun

I went out with a few colleagues to practice portraiture on this rainy day in Hong Kong. The weather didn't look too promising first, as it started raining when we got out but that wouldn't stop me from testing my brand new Canon EOS 5DSR! Mwahahahaaa!

The camera is really similar to the 5D Mark III so no issue to get used to the controls. On the other hand, what is really noticeable is how much quieter it is: because Canon reduced the mirror flap to avoid camera-shake-caused blur, the camera is now much more discreet and that's a real pleasure to use.

Obviously, the 50 million pixels is the strong selling point of this camera and it's really awesome to be able to zoom in and yet to have that much detail in the picture... It's unforgiving to models! Another point related to this super high resolution: files are huge and I need to think buying additional storage to manage them: about 60 Mb for RAW files and about 25 Mb for the equivalent JPG files!

Anyway, I love this camera and it comes right on time for my trip to USA starting in 10 days!

On a rainy day

On a rainy day