198+1 Cats

pitou laying on the carpetI didn't have time to post any picture of Pitou recently, so I figured I could upload at least one and compensate with 198 pictures of other cats, especially kitties. The website features pictures of adorable kitties in different situations, and although the photoshop touch is sometimes a bit too harsh, the pictures are very pleasant to view.

Pitou, on the other hand, has gotten so big recently, I think she's been having too much of a good time at Jeff's or Jean-Paul's, who are kind enough to keep her while I'm away from home for a few days. I just haven't realized how time flies and how adult she has become, although she's still very playful!


  1. They are so cute!
    Thank you for giving me a chance to look at numerous pictures of cute kitties!
    Although I keep three dogs in my house and am crazy about dogs, I had had few chance to recognize how cats are cute and beautiful. I think I will interested in pictures of cats as well as dogs from now on.
    Pitou's "hunting mini" is my favorite shot.
  2. Thanks, I like it too 🙂
    I also love pets, including dogs, but cats are much easier to take care of when you're in an apartment in Tokyo!

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