Autumn in Shinjuku Gyoen

2 leaves in opposite directionsIn spite of the cloudy weather today, Eiko and I went to Shinjuku Gyoen on foot. A 25 minutes-walk to spend some calories. Obviously, my new haircut and the fact that I lost half a kilo of hair expose that my face has gotten larger than it used to be a few months back. Lack of exercise, nice dinners prepared by Eiko everynight and some sweets from time to time sort of ruined the athletic shape of mine (ahem...).

The autumn and the recent typhoons didn't leave much of the colors of the park, as we remembered it in Spring for the "Green Day" (Midori no Hi), so I had to look at details to find some potential pictures to take.

maple leaves in shinjuku gyoenI am actually glad I did, because you tend to miss those wonderful little things when you look at the big picture. The colours of Autumn suddenly popped in front of me: a natural arrangement of branches and freshly fallen leaves there, maple trees in the shade, Autumn speaks in a subtle but beautiful language.

Going to Shinjuku Gyoen is everytime a new experience, the garden reveals its wonders little by little, as if it was trying to captivate the visitors and invite them to come again. It is quite successful in my case.


  1. I'm happy to see the beautiful pictures of colored leaves. I also found the Ginkgo turn yellow yesterday.
    It is getting cold these days. Take care of yourself.
  2. Mahoko, thank you for your message. I will hopefully be able to take some picture of the Ginkgo in Aoyama, if I have some time this weekend. I will then post them on my website.
    Autumn is really beautiful in Japan and I hope I can capture some of its beauty in my pictures.
    Take care of yourself too.

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